Gray Slacks & The Fitting Room

I promised myself not to buy anything without trying it on. The thrift store is always an exciting and overwhelming experience and the fitting room keeps my eagerness to buy everything in my hands in check. My imagination runs wild with every piece I choose but if it doesn’t fit the way I want it to fit, it can’t leave the store with me.

I imagined gray baggy slacks with the middle crease ironed out. I wanted to feel baggy and free. After trying on 3 pairs, I fell in love with one. I had to iron out the crease to bring my vision to life.

I found another pair but the waist band was a tad bit too tight. I have plans to move the button to get the perfect fit. I won’t be ironing out the crease on this pair tho.

Ive always hated fashion so I find it ironic to take such an interest in creating my own style. I felt that “fashion” was trying to tell me what to do with my clothes. Thrifting puts me in charge of my style and I love it.

No shade on keeping up with trends but I don’t see myself ever wearing sweats and heels.

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