Testing of Faith x2

Reading 1 Kings 17. The story of the poor widow and her son.

  1. The lord tested the widow through Elijah. Elijah asked her for bread and said if you give to me first, your flour and oil will never waste. It was a test of her faith because it was all she had. Of course she passed the test by giving to the prophet before herself and her son
  2. Then, the second test comes. Her son was so sick he was dying. How could things get worse while the man of God is AT YOUR HOUSE?!

When the Lord moves mightily, Satan will attack right after which means the second trial of faith is sometimes harder than the first. All of it is a test of our faith.

In the end the boy revived!! But did you notice Elijah put a dead boy’s body on his bed? The law at the time was against this. Maybe it was an act of faith like, the boy might be dead right now, but in a few second…we’ll see.

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