I could write several blogs about the word Self-righteous.

Self-righteous: Having or showing the attitude of someone who strongly believes in the rightness of his or her own actions or opinions.

I have a hard time settling my anger when people proclaim how much God uses them simply because they are obedient to Him. Yes, of course we should seek to be Holy as God is Holy and place our dependence on The Cross to make it happen but, we shouldn’t boast of how WELL we are doing claiming we are receiving form Christ because of our own works.

But I get it. I sometimes make this mistake when I’m in a storm. I claim to have been “good” and undeserving of whatever bad situation I’m in. I’m truly being corrected by the Holy Spirit on this one. It seems that the more trials I go through, the more I realize I know nothing.

We are all unworthy. It’s easy to pretend our lives are perfect on the outside. It’s even easier to pretend our souls aren’t crumbling on the inside. I’m learning that God doesn’t move like our logic expects Him to. I’ve seen Him move in the most random of ways that I couldn’t even begin to explain it.

I have seen people with a speech impediment preach in mega churches.

I have seen people who struggle to read understand the most complicated verses in the bible.

I have met quiet people with souls on fire for God.

I have met outspoken people keep the stories of their heart silent.

I no longer look at the “works” people do. Appearances are deceiving. God tells us to look at the fruits. As Christians, are we producing love? Joy? Peace? Patience? Kindness?


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