Powerful Prisoner

Don’t try to be like me.Instead, use my mistakes.I cant show you my defeat.My pedestal might break. It might seem like I won this battle.The one that gives status and might.I’m just a prisoner of war.Their hands holding a knife. If I try to bend,Their hands grip tighterIf I try to breakThey’ll swing the knifeContinue reading “Powerful Prisoner”

Please Care For My Soul

I’m surrounded by so many people who love me that I get mad at myself for feeling like I’m alone. What am I looking for? So I wonder. Then I saw a post on Facebook. Something about our souls being cared for. I never thought about that. So many good people in my life loveContinue reading “Please Care For My Soul”

Pasta Eyes

When we feel strongly towards someone, it shows in our eyes. I’ve made it a mission to watch the movement of someone’s eyes when they are talking to me. I document the squints and the wrinkles and the directions the pupils go when certain things are said. I see how wide the eyes open whenContinue reading “Pasta Eyes”

Eyes you don’t Deserve

Eyes you don’t deserve. Eyes I cant stand. I get so upset at myself for thinking about you way too much. How can someone be infatuated with just a set of eyes? Its bothersome to me that I could be so shallow. Usually, it is one’s intellect that moves me and you have none ofContinue reading “Eyes you don’t Deserve”