Now, if I were you…

The damage is done and it’s hard to wish greatness in your enemy’s life. Their failure, pleasing.

Who are you kidding? Telling yourself that your thoughts are wrong doesn’t remove its lovely feeling.

You can repent & you can pray and ask God to take it away but we all know the truth.

Their downfall is what you wanted.

Their sorrow is what you scoffed at.

Their desperation, comforting.

You can be honest all you want and say “I don’t want to think that way.”

That doesn’t erase the fact that you thought it in the first place.

Don’t you get it, you’re human.

Understand that it was The Cross that blocks the “comes around” that should result because of that attitude.

If I were you, I’d praise Him.


What’s wrong with being wrong?

We fight tooth and nail to defend ourselves regardless of the lie we’re upholding. 

Drop it now, lies are scolding. 

How far can we take it? So far we would cover it. 

Underneath contorted truths or deep in denial, how much will you fight? 

Until trial?

You’re wrong. It’s okay. Admit it, it alright. 

I’ve been through it, holding on to pride so tight. 

I’m at a point in my life, I just say what it is. 

Faulty on my part, I can’t resist

Tell the truth, don’t hold onto defense so long.

Cuz Seriously, what’s wrong with being wrong?

Fear God out of love. Don’t love Him out of fear. 

I see it way too often. 

A so called gospel that produces fear rather than hope. 

Words that causes one stomach to churn vigorously resulting in the rejection of the true gospel. 

“Can’t give the gospel another chance, it put me in a bad place the last time I heard it.” 

Is it true love if it’s produced out of fear?  

-Healthy fear:

Why wouldn’t you lie to your mother? 

Because you respect her, you don’t want to hurt her.  

Why do you obey your father?

Because you understand that he knows best. 


A word with many definitions. 

A word resulting in many different emotions. 

A word that is used to abuse those who genuinely seek the Lord in times of trouble. 

God is Love. If your fear does not confirm this truth, then you are what is called “afraid”. 

What Jesus tells us not to be.

Joh 14:27 “I leave you peace. It is my own peace I give you. I give you peace in a different way than the world does. So don’t be troubled. Don’t be afraid.

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When Grace is in your heart, your role is to release others from fear, not create it.

-Grace Awakening by Charles Swindoll
What a book! 
Teaching the full spectrum of grace is risky. It almost seems like it’s potential can give one the idea that Grace is the license to sin. 
It’s not. We water down its potency believing it to be that way. 
Yes, Grace is undeserved and not earned and that’s what makes it scandalous I know. 
But living in such a way thinking it would shower over us based on our behavior is even more outrageous. 
Have you ever sat down and meditated on just that? 

Greater Than 

Is it ambition if the intention is to make another small?

Your eyes look lowly towards their path, their destination, especially their trail- 

To ultimately pile up your accomplishments under your feet to consider yourself 

much higher than?

Is it an achievement if the coal used to burn your fuel came from pride?

Can’t deny its powerful ignition. 

Sad, it burns up the legacy. 

The hard work, the endless nights, the early mornings, the sweat and tears to be

more productive than? 

It’s hard to be better than a competitor who isn’t aware. 

A competitor who sees the best in the least. 

A competitor who is fully satisfy and has no wants. 

A competitor who does not compete. 

How can one be satisfied winning this game? 

First place out of 1

All alone. 

I guess you are greater than no one. 

How do you manage?

How do you manage the sequence of the lies eloquently spoken to show undeserved innocence? 

Day by day, tale after tale, are they recorded on paper? 

There is no way for the mind to puzzle pieces of a story if the pieces never connect. 

 Forgetfulness creates more lies. 

How do you manage your conscious knowing that one day the truth would reveal itself?

By a friend, family, you? 

It is difficult to play both sides, can’t convince yourself to forget so convince yourself that you’re corrupt.  

No turning back!

Face it, you’re saved. Lies backed you in a corner and the only way free is the truth. 

Deeper the lie, deeper the hole. The truth is the ladder so let it unfold. 

It’s better to be free and endure

Than to be prisoner for the rest of your life.