70×7 perspective

It’s like an artist who has a creativity breakdown and destroys all their paintings and smashes all their sculptures because they realized the need to change their perspective and how all their art was geared towards one. 70×7 is that revelation

No answers. Just being

I find myself on WordPress often leaving the app within minutes because I have nothing to write about. I’m thinking to myself asking why in the world would I have nothing to write if I’m inspired by the patients that walk in and out my office everyday. Then the lightbulb appeared… Writing doesn’t always haveContinue reading “No answers. Just being”

Could we learn to see failures as a reality in life and not as a result of poor decision making?

I pretend to be confident on some of my decision making but deep down, I’m always torn. My heart and my mind are never at ease. When I have to make a decision, I quickly try to create an equation that could provide me with answers by simply entering numbers in the place of variablesContinue reading “Could we learn to see failures as a reality in life and not as a result of poor decision making?”

People Are Indeed Hurting

I wasnt even searching for this position but God guided me here. I am currently working at an outpatient mental health facility and day by day, I’m realizing that God put me here for a reason. I’m learning every day, every hour, maybe even every second something new: We cannot judge a person’s mental healthContinue reading “People Are Indeed Hurting”

If I write

If I write on my skin,The rain would wash it away. If I write my life in a notebook, I’m afraid you would read it one day. In the sand, but it blows away In my heart, but I’d forget it in days. So I’ll paint a picture of what I’ve been through firsthand. ButContinue reading “If I write”

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