Beauty is Fleeting 

 Beauty is fleeting.

Not in age but in circumstance.

Tough paths may uncover wrinkles,

sickness can expose the worst.

envy… a dark spirit.


Assumptions are made,

beauty is at its prime while she is young.

Irrelevant beauty.

The fascination of such is too, fleeting.


Sound beauty can be found in a soul that is fearful of the Lord.

 A soul who’s concerned with pleasing a just God.

Who can see such beauty in this world?

None other than a man who also fears the Lord.


God is the component between a love that lasts in marriage.

 A soul that connects directly to outward beauty,

composes a relationship that is too,



“God should be first!” They say.

“Such a demanding God!” It’s true! 

Her heart sought Christ before her needs and she understands that…

It is for her own good.

She’s aware that her desires are too,



Her ambitions are restless.

And her dreams ever changing.

Her life, not really her own.


With such understanding comes this:

Everything she needs.

Everything that is true.

Everything that lasts.

Is attached to a God who

Never changes.