Highs and lows 

My day went really well this morning. Not so much my daily routine but my walk with Christ. I was just so happy to hear Your voice through music and sermons. You inspire me so much and motivate me to do bold thing in Your name. 

When the enemy knows how well I’m doing spiritually, he finds his way to creep into my joy and ruin it. I can count many instances today that my spirits were thrown down in the dumps but I know for a fact that God is faithful.  
It doesn’t matter what anyone has plotted against me, or said, or thought or whatever! God remains God no matter what. While my adversaries take their time to be spiteful and bitter, I choose to worship the Most High God. After all, self-control is one of the fruits of the Holy Spirit. 
I literally sit down and proclaim the name of Jesus over those who have been resentful towards me. I’ve tried my best to be at peace with everyone even if it meant that I had to swallow my pride to do it. There is nothing else I can do. That’s it. At least I know that I tried my best. 
Now it’s time to move on to greater, meaningful things ✌️