In Spirit and in Truth 

Yesterday, I went to a church in PA called Fountain of Restoration because my husband was ministering the worship over there. The Pastor called at 9 am that morning begging that my husband could ask our pastor to play for his special service that day. Before we knew it, we were on the road towards Allentown, PA. 


I was excited about this trip. I like doing things out of the ordinary. The church was beautiful and the sermon was amazing. I loved the way she preached. Every sentence was backed by a bible verse 100%. I had no doubt that God was in the place. 


I went up for the altar call. The minister stood before me and said,


“You are a true worshipper aren’t you?” 


I laughed and said YES! I laughed because worshipping is exactly who I am. Its in everything that I do. She said,


“You will see in John chapter 4 that God is looking for those who worship in spirit and in truth. Your worship causes the enemy to flee.”


The word that she gave me is true for everybody but I took this personal. There were many times in my life that I desperately needed God’s help and I simply declared God’s word in my worship. Every time I did that, the enemy vanished. He left me alone in that very area he was tormenting me in.


I was more excited to see God minister to my husband. Lord knows that I have been praying for very specific areas in my husband’s life and the Lord has answered each one them. I see a beautiful change in my husband’s heart every day. The Lord has a huge ministry for my husband and we are only at the shores. I’ve been to various churches where pastors asks him to minister music and I am wowed by his anointing every single time.


My husband’s ministry is also my ministry and I have never felt more closer to it than I do today. As I patiently wait, I will fervently prepare. I’m ready to encourage my husband with scripture and lay hands on him with passionate prayers. I am his cheerleader. Lord, please keep me persistent.