Grace Wins

I remember like it was yesterday. Walking to the bathroom for the 4th time in one hour, not to use it but to cry. Never in my life have I ever felt so unworthy like I did at that moment. I was aware that I didn’t deserve God’s mercy. The pain was unbearable. So bad that it was difficult to exhale. Now, I understand that the pain was for a purpose. 

The only way to truly understand what Grace meant, I had to know how it felt to be in need of it. I needed God’s love and favor even though I didn’t deserve it. The best part of this was that God gave it to me. It was a gift. Underserved, unearned and with no conditions. God loved me and found favor in me despite my sins. He gave me victories to many battles and kept me from my enemies. He protected me from further shame and returned what the enemy stole from me (with interest). 

The most sorrowful moments of my life was when God was revealing His mysteries to me. These things don’t come on a silver platter, they come with tears of repentance and a humble heart. A soul aware of it’s unworthiness to stand before a Holy God. 

“There’s a war between guilt and grace and their fighting for a sacred space but I’m living proof, GRACE WINS EVERYTIME”. 

And so it did.  

Praise dance to Grace Wins by Matthew West
Grace Wins by Matthew West-Music video


In Christ Alone

Please Listen to “In Christ alone” by Anthony Evans. You can find the song ministered by many different bands and musicians but the one from Anthony Evans is my favorite. 

Not guilt in life, 
no fear in death. 
This is the power of Christ in me. 

This is my ultimate theme song. When I hear it, it reminds me of how God’s Glory manifested greatly in my life. It reminds me of my storm and how God brought me out victoriously. It reminds me of how I let the enemy steal everything from me and how God restored it all back 100 fold. Double! Triple! Quadruple!  God is the Lord of restoration!!!

“In Christ Alone” is the theme song of my son’s birth. My son represents my gift from God. God gave me this ultimate gift of life because I stood strong in faith just as He asked me to. Therefore, we named our son Nathanael. “Given of God”. 

The thing about this song is that the lyrics are simply about the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Because of His death, I live. “Here in the power of Christ I Stand!”  

Jesus was there for me in every moment of my life. The good, the bad, dreadful, the beauty. God was there! This song brings the best worship out of me because there is so much power in His name. 

In Christ alone,
who took on flesh, 
fullness of God in helpless babe. 

God was able to compress His greatness into a tiny baby.  He was able to press His magnificence into a small child. That alone leaves me in awe. Everything about Him just makes me tremble. I cry in worship to this song because it emphasizes on His Greatness. 

I want to thank the Lord for allowing me to creat a praise dance to this song for Him and for two different churches. Thank You God for reminding me everyday of your power in my life. Salvation, Restoration, vindication. Thank you Jesus.