What’s wrong with being wrong?

We fight tooth and nail to defend ourselves regardless of the lie we’re upholding. 

Drop it now, lies are scolding. 

How far can we take it? So far we would cover it. 

Underneath contorted truths or deep in denial, how much will you fight? 

Until trial?

You’re wrong. It’s okay. Admit it, it alright. 

I’ve been through it, holding on to pride so tight. 

I’m at a point in my life, I just say what it is. 

Faulty on my part, I can’t resist

Tell the truth, don’t hold onto defense so long.

Cuz Seriously, what’s wrong with being wrong?

Coping or Denial to the max!

I wish I was able to cope with failure in this manner.

Lv1. You mess up badly
Lv2. You realize that if anyone were to find out about your screw up, you’d be in deep fecal material.
Lv3. You drown in the deepest guilt of all time.
Lv4. Make the ultimate decision to pretend it never happened.

There are plenty ways to justify level 4.

“God forgets my sin when I ask for forgivness. Therefore, I can pretend it never happened.”

Forgetting and pretending are 2 totally different things. When you forget something, you acknowledge that a situation was once true. Then you choose not to go back to let it condemn you. When you pretend, you’re lying.

How about the awful excuse “I dont remember” or even trying to make up an entirely different story to replace what actually happened.

The worst one is to 100% lie and say, “No, I never did that. My hands are clean”

If you can easily fool yourself and literally pretend that your failure never ever happened, check thyself. A true believer in Grace does not think this way. We take failure and sin for what it is and embrace it. Grace believers turn sin into testimony.

Denial is not coping, it’s insanity.