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Should I? Hehe…

So, I’m visiting a church that my husband is going to play in and I had a serious internal battle. I was perplexed for a few minutes but I reasoned the situation in my mind. 

See, I opened a granola bar in the car and I wanted to finish it before I got inside the church. The problem was that it was windy and I didn’t want my skirt to go flying and then everyone gets a peep of my undies. 

I put the granola bar in my bag and I sat down. I do recognize that in many churches, you’re not allowed to eat inside. I don’t know the exact reason. There is no scripture in regards to food consumption in the church. Perhaps it’s the proper thing to do. Maybe respectful. I dont know. 

I have a problem with situations where there is no definite answer. There was no sign that said “please do not eat”. The question was up in the air. 

I began to reason with the Holy Man Jesus. 

“Is it unholy to eat in church? Jesus, didn’t you feel hungry at times? Do you want me to starve Jesus? I’m going to think about this granola the whole day, I won’t be able to pay attention.”

I ate the granola. 

See, self-deception works so well. We try so hard to fool ourselves. I totally justified eating in church. Whether it’s biblical or not I’m sure the person who cleans up the place would prefer if no one ate here. I could understand that. 

Should I have eaten my granola in church? Maybe I answered my question when I had to sneak the thing in my mouth and chew when no one was looking.  Hahaha 

Oh you granola you. 

Oh KG …