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For the Glory of God

My days are hectic. I have 2 babies and my husband and I work full time. I recently made a list of goals for this month and it almost seems impossible to complete as I think about it. Sometimes, you just have to eliminate the nonsense that consumes your time and take care of what’s most important. 

One thing that helps me  is remembering that every single thing that I do should be to the Glory of God. 

I wanted to just skip story time with my daughter but I couldn’t. I have goals for her and her future depends on what I teach her today. She WILL Pursue greatness in the Lord and I WILL Push her and encourage her to be the best she can be. It’s for the Glory. God loves to see us give it our all. 

Sometimes, there are things we just don’t feel like doing because we’re so lazy but if we remember that we are doing it for Gods glory, it becomes something we want to make sure we accomplish. 

God, I love to do things for You. I love to make sure that my home is at tip top shape. My home is my biggest ministry and I want to show you that im giving it my all so that you can trust me with more. 

Goals for March 

I was invited to share a list of goals by an Instagram friend that lives far away. I added her because I loved her post about her bible studies and I LOVE her son Cam. He’s My sons age and his face is so cute. We talk to each other via comments and she actually really inspires me a lot. 


1. Pray EVERY night with my children. 

2. Read at least 2 books with my daughter to increase her vocabulary. I have plans to make her as intelligent as I possibly can. 

3. Practice my sketching. The Lord has given me a gift that I didn’t even know I had so I’m going to practice new techniques 2 times a week. “Lord, please teach me how to draw hair”. 

4. Lay hands over my husband with anointing oil every night and right before he ministers on the altar. 

5. Find new preachers to listen to other than the usual Lon Solomon, Joyce Meyers, TD jakes and etc. I must listen to no less than the customary 2. 

6. Get more creative with the kids services. 

7. Stop spending money on stuff I ALREADY HAVE! 

8. Lift MORE people in prayer. 

9. Limit daily phone conversations with mom for 20 minutes instead of 1 hour to focus on worship, prayer for self and dance ministry moves. 

10. Work harder on dance ministry

11. Make more homemade puréed foods for my son. 

12. Live peacefully with everyone and ask for forgiveness from EVERYONE that I know has an issue with me even if I didn’t do anything to them. 

13. Prepare more sermons and seize every opportunity to preach.