Sincerity VS Hypocrisy 

Human ingenuity cannot produce the genuineness that God wants to see in our lives.”

We focus so much on our appearance. Not only by our facial appearance or wardrobe but how good our lives look towards other people. 

My boss asked me today if my wedding bands were real. I said no. She was in SHOCK. At first, I wanted to lie because the fake set I had on today was all like blingitty bling bling. I know my boss. I know her character and she always has to one up everybody. Instead of feeding her desire to compete with me, I killed the competition by giving myself the silver medal. Silver like my wedding set. Hehe.

My boss is extreamly focused on her outer appearance and to be honest, she looks great! Hair on point, outfits are expensive and beautifully detailed… mostly from high end stores. Shoes never cost less than 300 bucks and she takes vacations all the time. HEY! She has the money. Why not? 

But her character is severely underdeveloped. She has no integrity, never apologized, never forgives, looks at the worst in everybody, never admits to her own mistakes instead she emphasizes on another to take the focus off of herself. She swears she generous ALL THE TIME but can care less about every human soul that works beneath her. No one enjoys her presence, everyone cheers when she’s gone and people speak to her because they are scared of her or because they pity her. 

Beautiful on the outside but rotting within. Sincerity vs hypocrisy. Being real or being fake. Worrying about your heart or worrying about your obsessions.

When she asked me about my ring, I was proud to tell her it was fake. I was proud to show her that I can find happiness everyday and my ring doesnt add to that joy. My possessions don’t help me love my children. Money can’t buy the feeling of smelling the blooming leaves this afternoon as I anticipated driving home to see my husband. 

People who are sincere can analyze themselves and admit to some flaws and errors and learn to adjust them. The sincere can find beauty anywhere because the simple things make them happy. The sincere does not put energy into negative things that don’t matter. The sincere always see the best in others. The sincere apologizes, forgives and forgets! 

Hypocrites are only aware of what’s on the outside of themselves and the flaws and errors of someone else. They can’t see the good in people because they aren’t aware of the good in their own hearts. Hypocrites will always try to one up someone else for self gratification. They don’t forgive and convince others to practice the same. They hold grudges and reject apologies. 

In the battle between sincerity and hypocrisy, sincerity, you will always lose in the eyes of the hypocrite but the gold medal shines within.  Hypocrisy, you can keep the gold and and let it shine before man. But the way you’ve been treating people lately…. No one would truly care.  ✌🏽️