Remember where you came from

Whenever I was at my lowest point, acknowledging how unworthy I am of You, you manifest greatly in my circumstance and show Yourself to me like never before. 

In the bible, it shows how God approached those who recognized where they messed up; who repents and admits where they have gone wrong. Perhaps the bible revealed God’s sweet spot over and over and we failed to see it. 

“God, are you saying that I can admit to being unworthy and You manifest all Your glory to me anyway?  Are You saying that I don’t have to meet anyone else’s standard or pretend that I never sin to prove my spiritually to You? Are you saying that I can just be me, with flaws and failures and You’d still love me anyway?” 

Lord, You seek a humble heart and I pray You help me in that area even more. Take everything hidden in me and expose them with Your light. Make me more like You, Transparent, honest and filled with integrity. Help me be the person You see in me Lord! Lord, please hold my hand through the process.