Friends in Christ 

There is nothing like having a friend who continuously reminds you of who you are in Christ. There are times I dont even speak of any of my spiritual battles and I would receive a text with scripture or a picture message of an uplifting devotional from one of my friends. 

Peter reminds me that this whole Christian thing is done successfully with the body of Christ. We need a constant reminder that God had the final word at The Cross and we don’t need to stress anymore. 

My husband and I have been struggling lately with adjusting to my new job and the whole getting the kids ready, dinner, homework, cleaning, Church, kids ministry, and fitness classes that I forget what scripture says. Sometimes, my attitude doesn’t even match one of a true Christian but thank God I have friends who remind me of who I am in Chrsit. 

I’ve been having stressful dreams and nightmares every night because I keep forgetting who to give my anxiety to. But praise God that with a simple text from a friend, I am reminded that I don’t need to have sleepless nights anymore. Thank You Lord for the friends you have given me, I wouldn’t trade them for the world. 

2 Peter 1:11 And you will be given a very great welcome into the kingdom of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, a kingdom that never ends. 12 You already know these things. You are very strong in the truth you have. But I am always going to help you remember them.

It doesn’t matter how strong we think we are in faith. We always forget things which means we need a faithful reminder from someone that chooses to take time out of their day to love us. A friend in Christ. 


Let God do it for you

If we haven’t recognized how sinful we are, we can’t proclaim ourselves to be a true Christian. If there is a moment that we feel we are worthy of any good thing in this life, we need to slam our brakes and recognize what we really deserve. If we were blameless, we would have never needed a savior. If our good deeds can so called “bring us closer to His throne” Jesus’ death on the cross would be useless. 

There is only one way to God and that is through Jesus. Without Him, we are dead. Dead to sin, dead to self, dead on earth but alive in Hell. 

The bible calls us believers to be Holy as God is Holy. I used to think that I had to do so many things to become this Holy person. I thought I had to wear skirts, never lie, never hate, always forgive, always give my tithes, never curse, never drink alcohol or smoke, etc. Although some of these things are better off avoided, I learned that it is not through these acts that made me righteous before a Holy God. Justification, salvation and Holiness is not gained through self-righteousness. There is nothing we can do ourselves to make us Holy. 

Havnt you ever wondered how you can meet such Holy standards? As humans, we are sinful by nature right? So how can we ever be Holy!? If I have to admit daily that I am a sinner to gain repentance, how can I say or ever become Holy like God? 

Oh but the Holy Spirit is always there to bring peace to my mind. 

1Th 5:23 We pray that God himself, the God of peace, will make you pure—belonging only to him. We pray that your whole self—spirit, soul, and body—will be kept safe and be blameless when our Lord Jesus Christ comes.

1Th 5:24 The one who chose you will do that for you. You can trust him.

Did you capture the message? God chose us! He chose us to be HOLY! And if He CHOSE us, scripture says clearly that He will do it for us. God will make us Holy! How did He do it? Well, ask His Son. 

If you ever depended on yourself and your own actions to bring you closer to God, I encourage you to stop. Ask God to truly reveal the significance of The Cross to you. Ask God to reveal His character so that you can live the rest of your life in His peace.

His grace is not an excuse to sin, it’s the power not to. Surrender to our Father in Heaven and let Him do it for you. Let Him make you Holy. 

Are you controlled by your sinful nature? 

1Co 3:3 You are still not following the Spirit. You are jealous of each other, and you are always arguing with each other. This shows that you are still following your own selfish desires. You are acting like ordinary people of the world.

Don’t prove to the world that you’re being controlled by sin, rather, listen to scripture and stop acting like the ordinary people of this world. Think about your blessings. Think about your testimony. Tell the enemy that he no longer has a foothold in your life and fix what ever you need to fix! In Jesus name, amen!

Christians, what do you stand for?! |My Vacation from blogging is ova! 

…not that I intended to take a break from blogging. I havnt been focused enough to jot down my day-to-day and reflect it with scripture. What’s hit me the most lately is the nonsense us Christians put our energy into. We want to express what we are against rather than emphasizing on what we stand for. We want to put so much energy into our spiritual status rather than pouring some of that Spirit into someone who needs it. And my favorite, using scripture as ammunition for our enemies. 

The last time I checked, the gospel’s main ingredient was about Christ: that He lived, He died and resurrected so that we can live again. So… What does our lives reflect? Does it reflect a loving, graceful, merciful, forgiving Savior or do we reflect a contorted gospel that is mixed with half truth and half lie that results in confusion. 

1 Corinthians 14:33 For God is not the author of confusion, but of peace, as in all churches of the saints.

Now let’s look back, are we using our God given resources to preach peace? Or, if I were a non-believer, would your life cause one to think twice about this so called “Prince of Peace”. 

Listen, we are not perfect, I get it/ but our actions should be edifying not for destruction. God commanded us to love our neighbor as ourself (Mark 12:31) so our first filter should be “would I like it if someone said/did this to me?” 

If ever someone confronted me with a controversial topic, I would first ask “Are you asking me to debate or to honestly understand my point of view through scripture?” I refuse to debate with anyone. Usually people who intend to debate are firm in what they believe in. Don’t involve yourself into something that’ll cause you to be angry. Kindly turn your cheek from the topic and keep it moving. We represent  a loving God and although Jesus was very confrontational, He did it carefully and with love. He wasn’t subject to sinful anger BUT WE ARE. We have to be carful. I know I’ll get angry so I’ll swerve every chance I get. 

::NOTE:: I’m saying “we” as in “you and I” because I include myself. 

I think we can do a better job. I know I can! I need so much improvement. I disappoint myself more than anyone else. With all the Christian drama going on in the media, we can’t leave room to give people a reason to hate Christ. That’s all they want. A reason. Our sinful, big mouths mess up the power of the gospel and sooner or later, we will all be persecuted for believing in this judgmental, hateful God that we ourselves created. God is far from that. I wish I can express how Loving and forgiving God has been towards me.

So before you start posting about how butt hurt you are about a coffee cup or you know, something just as dumb… Think! Is it edifying? If not, stop with the drama. 

Authkg out ✌🏽️

My Testimony: We suffer to comfort others

2 Corinthians 1:3-4 Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. He is the Father who is full of mercy, the God of all comfort. He comforts us every time we have trouble so that when others have trouble, we can comfort them with the same comfort God gives us.

This week I have been receiving the same message over and over again. “Help people who are suffering the same thing you’ve suffered and comfort them the way I have comforted you.”

I have suffered through a few things but the biggest one was the sin of adultery and admitting to my husband that I was unfaithful to him. I went through every consequence that follows this type of sin. We separated, I lost my apartment, I went through the whole court process in regards to child support, I received divorce papers, people gossiped, people enjoyed my pain, I was abandoned by my friends and betrayed by a fellow female church member who used that opportunity to get closer to my husband and slightly succeeded.

Internally, I suffered the guilt and shame standing in front of God before I knew I didn’t have to feel that way. I had to take responsibility for my actions and I stood before the leaders of the church. They accused me, pointed their fingers, and called me a liar. Worse, they didn’t help me at all. Instead they pushed me to the side unless it was convenient for them to defend me.

My list continues but what matters the most is that I came out of that situation like Gold!! Not only do I have my husband back, our family continues to grow and prosper spiritually. I am free to talk about my past sins with him and he encourages me every time I hit a tough spot that I haven’t gotten over. My husband also agrees to come together and help those who are suffering through the same thing we have suffered. I am more than happy to say that our relationship is beyond what I expected. We have been through the toughest, darkest valleys and we made it out stronger than ever for the GLORY OF GOD!

It was my molding process. My storm molded me into the woman of God I am today. There is no doubt in my mind about my spiritual life, my family and our ministry. I tell you, repenting takes you a LONG way. Being honest does wonders to your life. Taking responsibilities for your sins brings you to a place that you’ve never imagined. Trusting in God has benefits that words cannot describe.

Why would I keep my beautiful testimony to myself? Why would I waste all the suffering I went through to keep it hidden in a place called shame? Sorry, that’s not who I am. I am bold and I am confident in the things that God has allowed me to go through.

Why now? Healing takes time and although I felt I was healed long ago, I wasn’t strong enough to be extra open about it on my blog as I am today. What sparked it? Well, apparently, people still find my storm amusing enough to attempt to gossip about it with one of my closest friends. People have no idea what I’m doing and no one will never catch a clue by focusing on my social media. I’m smart enough to show only what needs to be seen.

To my faithful haters: I AM NOT ASHAMED! The more you speak of me, the more you glorify the God who has delivered me from my sin. Take a hint. I disarmed you by telling people myself what I have done. I preach about it. I personally tell people about it. The only harm you are causing is the harm you’re inflicting on yourself and on your soul. My ONE sin may have been and outward, unclean thing I’ve done to myself but at least I’m aware of it and at least it doesn’t amount to the 50 you keep hidden.

Currently, I am attempting to encourage 2 people in their storm. I won’t disclose their stories yet but it has everything to do with adultery and the suffering behind it. They give my personal suffering purpose and amplifies the truth behind 2 Corinthians 1:3-4.

After today, I’m hoping to slowly reveal some specific stories from my storm so stay tuned. Im here to help so send me an Email if you need encouragement.    Instagram. Twitter. Snapchat— @AuthKG

Examine yourself 

Psa 4:4 Tremble with fear, and stop sinning. Think about this when you go to bed, and calm down.

Before bed I always examine how I handled the day. Was I grateful? Could I have handled things better? Should I have left a few things unsaid? I just thank God that He allows me to analyze myself and expose my own flaws. I can always choose to place excuses before them. The fact is, excuses bring no growth aaaaaand I’m trying to get somewhere. 😉

Get rid of the source of your struggles


-Fruit flies, fruit flies everywhere. Where are they coming from?

-There is a source to this madness. I must find the source!

-I’m going to thoroughly clean every room in the house to see if I find that source.

*cleans all rooms

*dust, sweeps, mops

-Can’t find source, flies still roaming my house

*Moves furniture around, sweeps, mops… Nothing!

*Finished cleaning, prepares lunch

* Needs to use toaster oven but metal tray is on top, need to remove metal tray (Toaster oven located on top of kitchen stand overhead)

*Touches something squishy

*removes hand quickly in fear because the imagination immediately fabricated an image of a severed hand.

*Looks above tray and finds swarms of flies.

*Looks at nearest window.

* Opens the window and looks out assuring no one is in the backyard.

*Grabs tray and tosses it out the window!

What was it? What gave these fruit flies the idea that they could live in my house rent free? (Def not a severed hand LOL)

Every circumstance I go through must somehow connect with scripture. Everything happens for a reason and I won’t let this fruit fly fiasco happen I vain.

“There is a source that is feeding these flies. I have to find it and get rid of it.”

We must understand that there is a source to our struggle that we fail to conquer every day. For example, if the lack of prayer is your struggle, the source may be Netflix. If weight gain is your struggle, the source may be your chocolate stash. Maybe the chocolate stash is just the surface of the source and there is something a lot deeper than that. Perhaps its depression. I find prayer to be very important to overcome our daily struggles. In prayer, we speak to the Lord and let our frustrations out. We ask God to reveal in us what needs to be revealed and help us get through them. Days may pass that the source of our struggle is still a mystery but in the meantime, we should start off by cleaning each room. The next day, we can dust and sweep. We can mop with the floor cleaner called scripture. The more you make the effort to change, the closer you are to revelation. Usually, God will show you when you least expect it.

Don’t let your struggles consume you. There is no change without effort. If I allowed my home to pile up with trash, the flies would have found multiple sources and it would have been more difficult to get rid of. As soon as I found the rotten bananas hiding in the metal tray, I made the decision to toss the bananas with the tray out the window immediately. I didn’t take 5 minutes to think about it. I didn’t examine the bananas to see why they attracted the flies. In fact, I didn’t know it was a bunch of bananas until I looked out the window after I threw it. My husband asked why I didn’t place it in a bag and carried it outside. I said “you have no idea how it went down”. The longer I handled the bananas in the house, the more the flies scattered. THAT TRAY NEEDED TO GO O.U.T!

I still see a few flies here and there but I know that eventually, they’ll die. There is no area in my home that they can live and thrive. I decontaminated my house before I found the source so I was ahead of their game. Right now, I have a few dishes in the sink and I see some hovering over it. Although we found the source of our struggles, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t upkeep our spiritual life afterwards.

Fruit flies need food. Starve them.

Here we go 😬 #Vent

Where am I?

Who am I?

Where have I been?
I swear, this summer has been so eventful (good and bad) that I haven’t been in touch with myself for a while. I tell you, people think that the weapon of temptation is the best way to draw you further from God but man, the weapon of distraction has to be right along the top of that list if I must say. 

No I’m not going to give everyone a thrill of my miserable moments LOL! I don’t want to feed my haters with the illusion that my “bad events” labeled me as a failure. Nah ah! You should know me by now. I can find glory from a bucket full of manure. I’m God-wired, that’s how He got me. 

I have to admit that I’m so distracted that I can’t even listen to my inner thoughts. I can’t dig deep enough for something…good (can’t find a better word). 

Just because I’m distracted, doesn’t mean I can’t find inspiration elsewhere or in another way. We have to learn how to adjust our minds to our environment. We have to learn to mold ourselves to the inevitable. I have a lot going on and I can’t lose myself because of it. No way. Yes I may have lost that alone time to meditate and look within myself for things I can fix or adjust. No I’m not as inspired or as open as I was in May, but I am aware of this new phase in my life. I’m aware, I’ve adjusted and I have survived CHANGE in my life that could have destroyed me. 

There could have been mental destruction. There is still a chance that I may go cray and start flipping tables but I’ve made it too far. I am experienced in a whole lot of different nonsense-es (plural) that I can easily adjust to another nonsense that may come in the future. (Please Lord, don’t challenge that)

Again, my inspiration and ability to write and be all deep has nothing to do with my current abilities or circumstances. (Currently reminded myself of that and writing as I go) I could have made a blog entry many times, I just underestimated myself based on what I SHOULD be feeling from what I was going through. 

“I got into a car accident with my son and totaled my car, oh KG, you can’t blog today, you have too much on your mind to blog.”

I was dumb. I could have used that as ammunition to get a good blog going. (We’re all fine BTW.)

Simple: I underestimated myself! 

God has always told me how my talents are not provoked by my own works. It is He who has given me the talent ALREADY! Everyday my ability is there. Everyday the inspiration is present. Oh but the enemy is clever. He knows how to stop us from doing what we are already blessed to do. If we fail to do something that God has given us the desire to accomplish, it is because of our lack of faith within ourselves. 

That has been my struggle; placing an excuse over something that has full potential to move mountains by simply having faith. 

I wasn’t aware of it BEFORE but Praise God for the Holy Spirit who continuously convicts us to become awesome, nonstop Christians >>unstoppable and fully capable to accomplish our dreams, excel in our ministry and become more dedicated to our families.
Que El Señor te bendiga. 

^^^dont you hate that? 😉 hehe! 

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More and more dreams 

I’m grateful that God speaks to me through dreams. As soon as I wake up from them, I type my dream up on my phone so that when I’m fully awake, I can recall them in prayer. Here is an example of one,

I took her to my room. She said was so sad. She came and gave me a hug so tight. Like she needed my help. Or she couldn’t take it any more. I don’t know! The first of her pages were Spanish class work. Then she had pages with bible studies. It said something about electricity. About how electricity manipulates water. She needed to know what it meant.

Remember, when I record my dreams, I’m half asleep. It doesn’t make much sense but reading this reminds me of the dream in detail.

In the dream, a girl that I knew came into my house because she needed to speak to me. She also needed to hug me. She had a book and she wrote down what she needed to show me. She looked anxious, scared and in a hurry. I mentioned that the first few pages had some Spanish notes and bible studies. Then she showed me a page where she wrote something about water and electricity. It seemed that God told her what she wrote down and she needed to ask me about it. As if I was the only person who would know. 

The next day I looked it up.

Electricity shows up in scripture when God’s judgment is mentioned. 

I read that it is the impurities of the water that conducts electricity and pure clean water does not. In fact, machines that run with open electricity are cooled down with pure water. 

I learned that when we are not pure, we conduct and invite God’s wrath and judgment. It is when we are pure that His wrath does not touch us. 

Til this day, I still don’t understand the reason why certain people was in that dream and why the girl was so anxious and needed MY help. Only God understands and the only thing I can do is pray. 

Around that time, God was revealing to me in other ways that He was going to pass judgment on a few people. It’s crazy how everything comes together after having these dreams. 

I was supposed to talk about this other dream I had about my current situation but I’ll do that in another post. Meanwhile, Here is a picture/clue of what I will post about next time on AuthKG.COMmmmmmmm! Stay tuned. 


Lord, please forgive me 

Lord, please forgive me.

I forgive you, but I can’t keep talking to you. Sorry, I can’t respond to your prayers. I’m just too hurt

Lord, please forgive me. 

I forgive you, but you bring too much negative energy when I come near. I’d rather stay away. 

Lord, please forgive me. 

I forgive you, but I’d rather love you from a distance. 

Lord, please forgive me. 

You hurt me too much. We can’t patch things a up like they were before. Sorry

Lord, please forgive me. 

I won’t forgive you until you repent 20 times and repeat exactly what youve done over and over until it’s good enough for me. I know you meant it the first time but, I just want to hear it again. 

Jesus, please forgive me. 

Sorry, I’m not God. 

Lord, please forgive me. 

I mean, I forgive you… But…

Lord, please forgive me. 

I won’t forgive you until you feel the pain you’ve caused me. 

Lord, please forgive me. 

I forgive you but you need to get what you deserve. 



What if the Lord forgave us like we “forgive” others. 

Matthew 6:15 But if you do not forgive others their sins, your Father will not forgive your sins.

God will allow a moment in your life to deeply, sorrowfully need His forgiveness and He will remind you of a person whom you’ve chosen not to forgive. 

The standard of Forgiveness is the type of Forgiveness you needed from God. If you refused the same for a brother, be prepared to be reminded of your own sin, over and over again.  

That, my friend, is God not forgiving you.