How do you manage?

How do you manage the sequence of the lies eloquently spoken to show undeserved innocence? 

Day by day, tale after tale, are they recorded on paper? 

There is no way for the mind to puzzle pieces of a story if the pieces never connect. 

 Forgetfulness creates more lies. 

How do you manage your conscious knowing that one day the truth would reveal itself?

By a friend, family, you? 

It is difficult to play both sides, can’t convince yourself to forget so convince yourself that you’re corrupt.  

No turning back!

Face it, you’re saved. Lies backed you in a corner and the only way free is the truth. 

Deeper the lie, deeper the hole. The truth is the ladder so let it unfold. 

It’s better to be free and endure

Than to be prisoner for the rest of your life. 

He sees right through you

Do you comprehend what it means to pray an honest prayer? 

Lamentations 3:18 I said to myself, “I no longer have any hope that the LORD will help me.”

The Lord reveals to us that it is normal to have doubt. Today I read chapter 3 of Lamentations and I was comforted by Jeremiah’s honest, sorrowful prayer. It helped me understand that I can be honest to God with my doubts, fear, sins, insecurities and troubles. 

I’m glad that I can express vocally my true feelings and intentions deep within. I’m glad that God allows me to confront my sins and bring them to Him in prayer. 

Many times I’ve  put up a wall in front of my sin and even block myself from the truth. The lies were so deep that the sin remained untouched due to denial. I praise God for the Holy Spirit that continues to convict me daily and prompts me to analyze myself. I’m fully convinced that self-analysis is a GIFT and not everyone has it. 

I constantly think about a few people who have been successful at lying to themselves. I question “how?” but then I immediately recall myself doing the same thing. The problem with me was that my lies haunted me like a legit scary ghost. I couldn’t sleep, eat, think clearly or find comfort because my mind was way too focused on putting up a wall, putting on a mask, sweeping the dirt under the carpet etc. Covering my own sin was a full time job and it robbed me from focusing on anything else. I couldn’t focus on scripture, learning about God, ministry, spreading the gospel or anything. I had no time or energy to do anything else because I was too busy using that time to cover my sin. 

God wants us to be honest; to open up and stop making excuses for our sins. We need to stop blame shifting and take responsibility for our actions and doubts. The longer it takes for us to tell God, the longer we suffer and the more we find ourselves lying…to ourself. 

There is freedom in Christ when we are honest and repent. Rather than having to cover and lie over our sin, the Lord takes it and tosses it to the deepest part if the sea. We won’t have to bother with it anymore. 

Why carry the burden? 



God’s Justice

No one gets away with mocking God. 

No one gets away with unrepented sin. 

No one gets away with secrets, causing damage in someone’s life, causing heartache, causing pain, lies, deceit. 

Everyone reaps what they sow one way or another. 

I can testify. I’ve have reaped some ugly seeds that I’ve sown. I’m proof that you can’t run away from the sting. 

God is faithful in all things including this. JUSTICE!

Repent before it’s too late. Confess before your day comes. Apologize before you’re forced to. 

I see it happening. God’s justice like lightening. I praise you for exposing the TRUTH!