Stink, Stank, Stunk

“I don’t think you should overwhelm yourself though. I think you should pray, send positive vibes and well wishes. Do and deal with what you have control over, you’ll be fine. But don’t be “Stink, Stank, Stunk” ha ha.”

I told my cousin that I didn’t know the word Stank was the past tense of stink. I thought the word stank was slang and the past tense of stink was stunk. I’m still trying to figure it out…

…as I’m trying to figure out so many other things pertaining to my life. I’m learning that if i want to function on a daily basis as I should, I cant have too many things to think about. I cant have too many situations to analyze. I cant have too many decisions to make. I think my brain has the capacity of solving 1 life problem per day.  Any more than that, my brain begins to deflate like my 2 month old when she burps. Its not a loud bubbly burp. Its like releasing the air from a tire. Tsssssss.

When my mind is troubled, I hear someone say: “did you pray about it?’. Like, absolutely! But we forget that God gave us free will and the ability to make our own decisions especially in cases where both choices are not bad at all. Should I eat this apple, or this orange? Both are fruits, both are healthy, but I could only choose 1 within the next 5 minutes.

I have learned in moments like these to simply tell God I don’t know what to do and I have to make a move quickly. I tell Him to guide my steps and remove anything that could damage me. As I continue life with this same mindset, I realized that God still comes through.

You could say I’m wrong. That I shouldn’t make decisions if I don’t have time to pray. Fine, but the hospital is telling me to pull the plug on a family member or else that person would continue to suffer. How about responding to my child’s rebelliousness the moment he acts out or give myself time to breathe and think to handle the situation carefully.

Guys, you don’t know all of God’s capabilities. He’s way to wonderous to understand. Let God deal with everyone His own way. And let us step back.



Christians, what do you stand for?! |My Vacation from blogging is ova! 

…not that I intended to take a break from blogging. I havnt been focused enough to jot down my day-to-day and reflect it with scripture. What’s hit me the most lately is the nonsense us Christians put our energy into. We want to express what we are against rather than emphasizing on what we stand for. We want to put so much energy into our spiritual status rather than pouring some of that Spirit into someone who needs it. And my favorite, using scripture as ammunition for our enemies. 

The last time I checked, the gospel’s main ingredient was about Christ: that He lived, He died and resurrected so that we can live again. So… What does our lives reflect? Does it reflect a loving, graceful, merciful, forgiving Savior or do we reflect a contorted gospel that is mixed with half truth and half lie that results in confusion. 

1 Corinthians 14:33 For God is not the author of confusion, but of peace, as in all churches of the saints.

Now let’s look back, are we using our God given resources to preach peace? Or, if I were a non-believer, would your life cause one to think twice about this so called “Prince of Peace”. 

Listen, we are not perfect, I get it/ but our actions should be edifying not for destruction. God commanded us to love our neighbor as ourself (Mark 12:31) so our first filter should be “would I like it if someone said/did this to me?” 

If ever someone confronted me with a controversial topic, I would first ask “Are you asking me to debate or to honestly understand my point of view through scripture?” I refuse to debate with anyone. Usually people who intend to debate are firm in what they believe in. Don’t involve yourself into something that’ll cause you to be angry. Kindly turn your cheek from the topic and keep it moving. We represent  a loving God and although Jesus was very confrontational, He did it carefully and with love. He wasn’t subject to sinful anger BUT WE ARE. We have to be carful. I know I’ll get angry so I’ll swerve every chance I get. 

::NOTE:: I’m saying “we” as in “you and I” because I include myself. 

I think we can do a better job. I know I can! I need so much improvement. I disappoint myself more than anyone else. With all the Christian drama going on in the media, we can’t leave room to give people a reason to hate Christ. That’s all they want. A reason. Our sinful, big mouths mess up the power of the gospel and sooner or later, we will all be persecuted for believing in this judgmental, hateful God that we ourselves created. God is far from that. I wish I can express how Loving and forgiving God has been towards me.

So before you start posting about how butt hurt you are about a coffee cup or you know, something just as dumb… Think! Is it edifying? If not, stop with the drama. 

Authkg out ✌🏽️