Never Compare Yourself

I’m not the best at anything. Jack of some trades, master of none. But there is something about having passion in what you do that gives your work a little boost in comparison with others.

I love to write but my grammar stinks. Punctuation is my enemy. Spelling is like Satan’s plan against my life but spell check is the Blood of Jesus.

Imagine if i compared my writing with the smarty-est smarty pants of the writing world. Girl, I’ll quit right now. But MY perspective is the game changer. My style is like ice cream and Edgar Allen Poe’s style is like Filet mignon. BOTH FOODS ARE AWESOME depending on what you’re craving.

Keep the passion in what you do without comparing yourself to anyone else. You are the only you in this world.

Unless your passion is in math cuz girl, 2+2 will always be 4 and no matter how much passion you got, numbers don’t change. Sorry math ppl.

What a Love We Found!

If our strength comes from the joy of the Lord (Nehemiah 8:10), what do we think of that sparks that joy. Is it the things that He has done for us? Miracles, breakthroughs or victories? How about His love? There is a song by Phil Wickham called “Your Love Awakens Me” and I have it on my “Worship” playlist on my phone for many reasons. I can’t unlock the best of what God has for me unless I am fully aware of how much He loves me.

The world has made it difficult. Some of us were raised without fathers. The person responsible for being a leader, a provider, to be our security and our standard of love…nowhere to be found. How could we understand the magnitude of God’s love if we don’t know how it feels to be loved? Some of us placed our hearts in the hands of a spouse and they tore it into pieces leaving nothing but empty promises, betrayal and abandonment. How could we ever trust a Being that isn’t visible or a God that isn’t perceptible? They say to trust in the Lord but trusting the closest people in our lives has proven to guide us towards sorrow and failure.

God is way ahead of us and already knows our deepest troubles hindering us from receiving the fullness of His love. Like scripture says, all we need to do is touch the boarder of His garment for a breakthrough. Push through the crowds, reach out and His power will begin to flow. Sometimes, we must give love another chance. This time, from God. Read scriptures daily and watch how the words come alive for you in your time of need.

When His love awakens us, we begin to see who we are in Him. We are set apart, special, the apple of His eye. He cares for our sorrows, He cares for our pain. He puts peace into our hearts when things seem to be at its worst. I’ve witnessed His love to be more powerful than any other thing that claims to offer love in any other form. Because of His love, He has taught me to love my family like He loves me. Not just an ordinary love but a love that requires sacrifice. I sacrifice myself, my desires, my comforts and my will for them and I will do it over and over until I die. That is what His Love has done for me. It awakened my spirit to be a better person. To lift myself from despair or to break out of my shortcomings. He teaches me and molds me into His image every time I get a taste of the Love He has for me. I can’t measure His love; therefore, I can’t imagine how great it is. When He simply shows me a hint of His heart, I can’t contain myself. His love for me opened my eyes to the sorrow of this world. Suddenly, I want to dedicate my life to the ministry and give it all I have. I mean, He gave me His Only Son.  

We can’t receive His love unless we tunnel our eyes towards Him. Forget what others has done to you and give it one more shot, that’s if you are at your last. You won’t regret it. I don’t speak in the voice of religion but in the heart of… – I understand because that was once me –

In Spirit and in Truth 

Yesterday, I went to a church in PA called Fountain of Restoration because my husband was ministering the worship over there. The Pastor called at 9 am that morning begging that my husband could ask our pastor to play for his special service that day. Before we knew it, we were on the road towards Allentown, PA. 


I was excited about this trip. I like doing things out of the ordinary. The church was beautiful and the sermon was amazing. I loved the way she preached. Every sentence was backed by a bible verse 100%. I had no doubt that God was in the place. 


I went up for the altar call. The minister stood before me and said,


“You are a true worshipper aren’t you?” 


I laughed and said YES! I laughed because worshipping is exactly who I am. Its in everything that I do. She said,


“You will see in John chapter 4 that God is looking for those who worship in spirit and in truth. Your worship causes the enemy to flee.”


The word that she gave me is true for everybody but I took this personal. There were many times in my life that I desperately needed God’s help and I simply declared God’s word in my worship. Every time I did that, the enemy vanished. He left me alone in that very area he was tormenting me in.


I was more excited to see God minister to my husband. Lord knows that I have been praying for very specific areas in my husband’s life and the Lord has answered each one them. I see a beautiful change in my husband’s heart every day. The Lord has a huge ministry for my husband and we are only at the shores. I’ve been to various churches where pastors asks him to minister music and I am wowed by his anointing every single time.


My husband’s ministry is also my ministry and I have never felt more closer to it than I do today. As I patiently wait, I will fervently prepare. I’m ready to encourage my husband with scripture and lay hands on him with passionate prayers. I am his cheerleader. Lord, please keep me persistent.


Human Perfection Does Not Exist

You know the 10 commandments right? Let’s recap.

  1. You shall have no other gods before Me.
  2. You shall not make idols.
  3. You shall not take the name of the LORD your God in vain.
  4. Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy.
  5. Honor your father and your mother.
  6. You shall not murder.
  7. You shall not commit adultery.
  8. You shall not steal.
  9. You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor.
  10. You shall not covet

These law given to Moses by God are perfect. They are our guidelines to live a life pleasing to God. Now, ask yourself a question. Are you keeping all of them on a daily basis?

  • Is God the absolute first person in your life? Hehe think twice. Did you skip church one day to be with that boy?
  • Are you worshipping any idols? What’s that in your hand? Oh its a phone? Why won’t you leave that at home for a week or so? Oh you can’t?
  • Did you say OMG today? Did you say, TGIF because Friday you’re going clubbing?
  • What do you do Sundays after church? I’m sure the answer isn’t “I went to another church until 12AM” or “ I prayed all day until I went beddy bye bye”
  • Did you ever talk back to your parents? Yes you did, sit down.
  • Did you ever kill a person? Of course you didn’t good for you. Did you ever kill a person’s dreams or character?
  • Oh my favorite. Did you ever cheat on your spouse? Aww how faithful. How about that chick you were looking at on IG twerking? How about that dude posing in skin tight undies. MCM?
  • Oh good, you’ve never robbed a bank? Praise the Lord Praise the Lord. Go back to welfare and give back all the money you used for food stamps. Does someone need to amend their taxes? That pen you were chewing on, where did you get it? Is that your boyfriend you flirting with on the phone or does he belong to someone else? (this can apply to may commandments but I just want to put it here
  • “KG, what this ‘bearing false witness’?”  Sit down, based on your Instagram, you did it 1hr ago. #gossip
  • “KG, what is this covet?” If you read my very first blog you would know the answer to this but ill tell you. Stop being jealous of that girl that looks cuter than you. The effort you’re making to be like her #copying #extremediet etc. is coveting.

Now that we all agree that no one here is perfect, let’s move on.

Why does God tell us to follow these rules in order to go to Heaven if we obviously can’t keep them? Well, don’t you think God already knows we can’t? This explains the Cross. God sent His son to die so that we can live and go to heaven if we believe in Him. The only reason why God communicates with us even when we don’t follow these laws is because of Jesus. I’m not giving the okay to break the laws no no no. I’m saying that if ever we do, we HAVE to ask for forgiveness to be forgiven forever and for good. I would love to say more about this but the shorter the blog the better. You guys have short attention spans.


Salvation is a gift and its not based on what we do or our spiritual performance. We will fail every day. That’s just a fact. We want to live in LOVE with God and we want to obey Him because we LOVE HIM! And when we fail, we want to get back up and receive this gift of forgiveness and salvation. We need to trust that the Cross is enough to pay for our sins. So, The end



Just some songs & lyrics

This is a list of some of my favorite songs and my favorite lyric to that song.

Smokie Norful– Where would I be?

“I’d be on the outside looking in, when You’ve prepared me a table for kings oh if it hadn’t been for you, where would I be?”

**If God wasn’t in my life, I wouldn’t have the things I have today. My Husband and 2 babies.

Jesus culture– You won’t relent

“You won’t relent until you have it all, my heart is Yours”

**Lord, You didn’t leave me alone until You had all of me. I heard this song in a Battlecry concert and it opened my eyes to what God wanted for me.

Anthony Evans– In Christ alone

“No power of Hell, no scheme of man, could ever pluck me from His hands”

**There were people who plotted against me to permanently take what was mine. They’ve lied about me and tried bringing me down. At the end, they couldn’t pluck me out of His hands.


Israel Houghton– Your presence is Heaven to me

“Jesus you’re the Cup that wont run dry”

**There is nothing in this world that satisfies my soul. Only one thing can and that is Jesus Himself.

Donald Lawrence– Bless me

“Sunshine and rain, sickness and pain, GOD I only come to you”

**I remember worshipping in my room with all the lights off to this song. I cried so much.

Sam Cintron– Crossroads

“Take me back, to the old rugged Cross, its my landmark, my only way home”

**Sometimes I find myself conforming to the patterns of this world that I have to ask God to bring me back to His cross.

Jmoss- Restored

“Released from shackles, and loosed from chains, and I’m bigger, and I’m smarter and I’m covered under the BLOOD!”

**Nothing can hold me back anymore. I’m at another level. A higher level and its all because of His blood.