Powerful Prisoner

Don’t try to be like me.Instead, use my mistakes.I cant show you my defeat.My pedestal might break. It might seem like I won this battle.The one that gives status and might.I’m just a prisoner of war.Their hands holding a knife. If I try to bend,Their hands grip tighterIf I try to breakThey’ll swing the knifeContinue reading “Powerful Prisoner”

Pasta Eyes

When we feel strongly towards someone, it shows in our eyes. I’ve made it a mission to watch the movement of someone’s eyes when they are talking to me. I document the squints and the wrinkles and the directions the pupils go when certain things are said. I see how wide the eyes open whenContinue reading “Pasta Eyes”

Eyes you don’t Deserve

Eyes you don’t deserve. Eyes I cant stand. I get so upset at myself for thinking about you way too much. How can someone be infatuated with just a set of eyes? Its bothersome to me that I could be so shallow. Usually, it is one’s intellect that moves me and you have none ofContinue reading “Eyes you don’t Deserve”