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Keeping Tabs with Me

Listen, I know I’ve hurt you. I know the experience you’ve had with me may have been so traumatic, you’re still dealing with it 9 years later. Trauma lingers and that’s normal. It seems that my multiple attempts to apologize were never enough. You continuously keep tabs on me as if you’re hungry for vindication.Continue reading “Keeping Tabs with Me”

Testing of Faith x2

Reading 1 Kings 17. The story of the poor widow and her son. The lord tested the widow through Elijah. Elijah asked her for bread and said if you give to me first, your flour and oil will never waste. It was a test of her faith because it was all she had. Of courseContinue reading “Testing of Faith x2”

Jesus Heals the Blind

Don’t laugh at my drawing. Jesus is not mushing their noses. He’s healing the blind. Our classes are not just your normal Sunday school lesson. We talk. We ask questions. We try to be honest about our doubts and feelings. My job is to bring scripture down to their level in ways they understand. WelcomeContinue reading “Jesus Heals the Blind”

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