70×7 perspective

It’s like an artist who has a creativity breakdown and destroys all their paintings and smashes all their sculptures because they realized the need to change their perspective and how all their art was geared towards one. 70×7 is that revelation

Unimpressive that is Me

Writing is not my thing. Thinking is. I don’t enjoy writing because I’d have to water down my thoughts by writing words I barely know how to use. I’m judged based on grammar. Spelling. Style. Penmanship. I wish I was better, though. I wish I could impress the world with writing skills that has neverContinue reading “Unimpressive that is Me”

Sand in my Hand

There’s something about grabbing a handful of sand and observing the combination of patterns and colors on the tiny rocks and seashells. “Hey! Look at these colors. Aren’t they mesmerizing?” Just to think that there is a wider color spectrum that the natural eyes cannot see. There’s more? More colors you say? I can’t thinkContinue reading “Sand in my Hand”

Powerful Prisoner

Don’t try to be like me.Instead, use my mistakes.I cant show you my defeat.My pedestal might break. It might seem like I won this battle.The one that gives status and might.I’m just a prisoner of war.Their hands holding a knife. If I try to bend,Their hands grip tighterIf I try to breakThey’ll swing the knifeContinue reading “Powerful Prisoner”

I Know you

The world is a simulation. It has to be.I am simply a thoughtfully created character of Your world.You chose my facial features piece by piece from an array of different options. Like a video game.You picked different personality traits based on Your designed purpose for me.My life is not a result of my own choices,Continue reading “I Know you”

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