The Law. Our Foster Parents.

I kept asking God, if the law cannot save us or bring us His promise, what is it for?

The law was our guardian. It was our mean and strict foster parents that kept us prisoner. We were prisoners but the prison kept us safe. The law was our authority until Christ came.

The pressure was too much to bare. We just couldn’t follow all their rules. Even if we were determined to try, the law would kick our butts every time. We wanted to do good. We wanted to do right. But our foster parents reminded us everyday that we weren’t even close to their standards. We felt hopeless. Defeated.

When Christ came, He won custody over our foster parents and over our lives and we were made right by God because we knew He would come for us. We were set free from the law. Set free from our foster parents. We danced. We sang. We rejoiced.

We didn’t need our foster parents anymore. It’s not that they hated us. We were just so bad and disobedient, they had to lock us down for our own good.

But now that Daddy came back for us, we don’t need them anymore to protect us. We don’t need them to remind us how bad we are.

We are still disobedient. We are still full of sin. But the power of Christ blankets our sin and shame and makes it no more. Christ did Something our foster parents didn’t have the power to do.

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